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About Our Team


Jana L. Schmidt

I started my career at a small independent real estate office in Kent Washington. I was very young and I jumped into real estate with enthusiasm and confidence only to find there was a lot more to selling real estate than I ever imagined.

I left real estate temporarily and went to work for a Corporate Housing Company as an account manager. Corporate Housing is basically furnished apartments and condominiums that serve as a temporary home for long term projects and relocating families. I loved this job because I was selling homes.

It was fun to work in the downtown Seattle and Bellevue markets and I was very lucky to meet and work with some of the area's most talented executives and athletes. I was also fortunate to work for a company that had incredibly high standards in everything from the product we delivered to the way it was presented and I grew as a professional under the guidance of some very amazing business owners who mentored me and encouraged me to dream big and reach for goals others thought were unattainable.

Longing to return to real estate, I left the corporate housing company after four years and once again jumped into real estate. I thought this time I had it all figured out and with blind enthusiasm I once again struggled to make my real estate business work.

After two attempts of making my real estate career work, I was lucky enough to have some very successful real estate agents in my office take me under their wing and show me the ropes. I wholeheartedly thank among others, Mark Dewitt, Thatch Nguyen, Win Van Pelt and the Mike Ferry Organization for their guidance in helping me achieve my real estate dreams.

With the help from others, I have enjoyed a successful real estate business since 2005. I realize now that it is what we don't know and are willing to learn that make us great and I personally feel it is my obligation to help others achieve where they are willing to learn.

Bri Ashlee Little

Hi friends, My name is Bri and I work as the transaction coordinator for the Jana Sells homes team.

My job is behind the scenes. When Jana is out showing and selling homes, I’m at the office ensuring all the important management on your real estate transaction is handled smoothly and efficiently.

We recognize how valuable your time is and our goal is to keep you updated every step of the way and identify any questions you may have before you even think to ask it.

I’ve been working with Jana and John L. Scott since 2014. I have particular expertise in ensuring nothing slips through the cracks and attention to detail.

Your input is always welcome and I’m here for you. I look forward to working with you.